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Amazon Kindle: Overlooked As A Tablet

Recently, there has been a buzz about different types of tablets from the iPad to the Samsung Galaxy tablet.  However, a similar product that is often overlooked is the Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle was a revolutionary product when Amazon first introduced it in 2007.  The Kindle is to books what the iPod is to music.  It allows consumers to shop for, read, and download books, magazines, newspapers, etc and was developed several years before the current tablet trend.

The Amazon Market

While the current tablets include several additional features and applications that the kindle does not, the concept of the Kindle made perfect sense to Amazon.  Amazon is a large online marketplace where consumers can shop for virtually anything from electronics to clothing to some grocery items, yet it is primarily known for its selection of books and movies.  The leadership at Amazon realized this about five years ago and came up with a device that may one day completely replace the need for paper books and libraries all together.

Although some librarians may not be the biggest fans of the Kindle, most of the general population has caught onto the product concept.  Amazon has released several different versions of the Kindle since the original in 2007. These products include Kindles that have larger screens, touch screen Kindles, and a newly introduced color version called the Kindle Fire.

However, one of the most innovative parts of the Kindle is the functional, interactive Amazon customer services.  Amazon has created a different support platform for each different version of the device.  These platforms or support sections each include a video section.  The video sections have several short videos that walk users through several basic functions necessary to begin using a Kindle, including how to register your Kindle, how to connect to the Wi-Fi or whispernet, and how to update your software.

Many publications have indicated the most recent version of the Kindle, the Kindle Fire, will pose the biggest threat to the newly released iPad 2.  If this turns out to be the case, Apple will have to provide consumers with similar support materials.  While the iPad does have online support information, most of it is purely text oriented; this may not be as helpful for older users especially.  The video component makes it easier for an older generation of consumers to purchase the product and begin using it with ease.  In this situation, Amazon has been proactive and innovative with its customer support platform and could eat into more of the market with the four different versions of the Kindle.

Jenny Hood is an avid reader and lover of all things technology. She promotes a website to find customer service numbers for consumers in the United Kingdom.