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5 Tips to Get You Started with Google Plus

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Ever since launching Google+, Google has been getting an overwhelmingly positive feedback from current Google+ users. Though many are still beginners as to how this new social networking site works, the good thing is that you don’t need to worry about this until you get invited to join. Once you do manage to get invited however, you should immediately start learning how to use Google+ or navigate around it. To help you out, here are 5 tips to get you started with Google Plus:

Tip 1: Read the suggestions.

The very first time you use Google+, your Gmail contacts will be scanned. You will also receive suggestions pertaining to who you should follow. If there’s a little envelop near their picture, this means they are not allowed into Google+ yet. They may get status messages through email once you allow it. If there’s someone you want to add, you can just drag them to the circle you prefer them to be in. Learn to make circles and have as many as you want.

Tip 2: Update your stream.

After setting up your circles, you can already update your stream with status messages. Doing this you’ll realize that Google+ is actually almost similar to Facebook; however, it is more minimalist and cleaner. There are no games or other apps; you can just use it to interact with friends and family ñ nothing more. After writing you status update, you can also attach a video clip, photo, link or even your geo-location. Then click on ‘add circles or people to share with’. Just choose the circles who you want to be able to view your status before you hit SHARE. Since the replies are threaded, posts can be easily navigated to shrink and collapse them.

Tip 3: Understand the privacy settings.

After posting a status update, you can post to as many circles as you want. However, upon publishing your status, there’s also the limited option at the top. This means, your post is only limited to the circles you are allowing to see it. If you want to dispense with circles and publish your posts over to anyone who checks out your public profile then you can go with the public setting. Your posts will even be indexed on the web.

Tip 4: Learn to update your Google profile.

If you want people to follow you, you should take time to fill out your profile page completely. For those who already have a Google Profile, this may also become your Google+ Profile.

Tip 5: Upload your photos.

You can upload photos to your stream through your Android phone or through the Google+ app. The best thing about Google+ is that it has on-the-fly online image editing. Through this app, you can edit your photos by clicking on it after uploading. Below the photo, there’s a small menu labeled Actions. When you drop that down, select edit photo and basic image editing tools will pop up.

You can make changes to it but if you want it to stay that way already then hit done editing and you will see the revamped photo.

Google+ may not have other apps that we love about Facebook but this new social network offers the right mix of privacy settings and sharing options that can make you reconsider. These 5 tips to get your started with Google Plus should help you find your way to learning more about this new social network from Google.

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