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Top 10 Ways to Get Rich at Home

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Do you hate being holed up in your office cubicle for hours, living pay check to pay check? Fancy working without the long commute? Try working from home. You can work as hard as you want to knowing that the more effort you put into it, the richer you make yourself, not your boss.

Here are some ideas that just about anyone can learn. Start taking control of your own life and create your own destiny with these work at home tips.

1. Tutoring
Do you have a special skill like singing, dancing, or playing the piano? Try to offer lessons from your home. There are also many people needing help with academic subjects and this might be a good opportunity for you to share your knowledge and earn good money for it.  You could invite the students over to your home or do the sessions in theirs. Inquire with your local schools or YMCA, or try placing an ad in  your local paper.

2. Photography
If you are a keen photographer and have your own camera, why not cash in on your passion and start taking photos of people, landscapes, etc. You could get started with your photography business for a few hundred dollars. You could also sell the photos online (like  iStockPhoto, for example).

3. Fitness training
You can start a career as a fitness trainer or yoga teacher and share your expertise with others. Check out the Yoga Alliance Web site for information on training and certification.

4. Business coaching
If you have a specialized management or business skill and the necessary training, you could be a business coach and offer entrepreneurs valuable advice and solutions to help them succeed.

5. Arts and crafts
The key to succeeding in the arts and crafts business is choosing a product that people would want to buy. Scented candles, corn husk dolls, beaded jewelry, knitted stuff, decorative flowers --- the possibilities are endless.

6. Beauty therapy service
Many women find it hard to squeeze trips into beauty salons for luxurious treatments around their packed schedules. As a home-based beauty therapist, you will provide them the beauty pampering they so crave when they need it, right in their own home.

7. Wedding consulting/planning
If you are good at planning and have a knack for details, you could try your hand at being a wedding planner. People person skills and a patient personality will be the main qualifications you'll need.

8. Antiques and collectibles business
If you have an interest in antiques and collectibles you could make money scouring yard sales and flea markets for valuable items and then reselling them. For added exposure, create a website to showcase your inventory or sell the items on eBay.

9. Web design
Monetize your talent in web design. Web designers and graphic artists earn good money and the bonus part is that you don’t need much physical space for this type of business.

10. Online dating service
Why an online dating service? Simple: It’s a $1.8 billion industry! Think,, and a host of other dating websites. Many people need help finding potential dates so playing cupid just might prove to be your next big money venture. Online dating participation now ranks in the top 3 most popular online industries, and love is something that'll never become obsolete.

About the author: Matt Fuller is an online dating sites marketer. Matt provides advice for affiliate marketing as well as free dating sites reviews and relationships advice.