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Facebook Stores With The Most Fans From Different Niches


Facebook stores have really picked up over the last year and this is because more and more people are using the service and are prepared to part with their money on it. The big bonus of having your favorite brand on Facebook is that you can buy from them whilst talking to your friends and don’t even have to leave the social platform!

With this in mind here are some of the best and most popular Facebook stores currently on the web.

Lady Gaga

So although I am not a massive fan of the Pop Goddess  you cannot argue that she isn’t one of the most successful women in the world and her Facebook store proves that.

Whilst her store photograph might look a bit like Michael Jackson it would seem that she has well over 31 million likes meaning a tidy sum is certainly heading her way every month. Items included in the store are CDs, t-shirts and sunglasses.

The only reason I included this on the list is because it is so immediately obvious why the store is a success.

Celebrity backed stores always have a large following.

Other musical talents to take advantage of the Facebook store include 30 Seconds To Mars and Green Day.


In terms of successful business stores on Facebook you will find that Starbucks are right at the top with over 20 millions likes. This actually does surprise me as the only item that the store sells is a top up for a Starbucks card!

Clearly one of the biggest reasons behind Starbucks being at the top in terms of likes is because Starbucks have over 11,000 stores in the USA.


When thinking about sports you will find that the Facebook store for NBA is the most popular with well over 8 million people liking it. This could be because other sports such as American Football are a lot more difficult to sell all in the same place and I have no doubt that some of the top teams have their own stores.


The newest Facebook store from a big brand comes from Gamestop who are of course the biggest video games retailer in the world. With their brand new store just being launched you can almost bet this giant company will assert themselves in the ranks of the top Facebook stores in no time at all. With nearly 2 million fans already it makes sense for the company to allow gamers (who love social media) get easier access to the thing they love the most, video games! Can you think of any other great Facebook stores that have lots of followers?

Ryan works for cheap contract hire and leasing company NVC and is firm believer of Facebook stores.