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Explosive Growth in Tech Careers at Google


Google has announced that they plan to hire more than 6,000 new employees in 2011. This hiring boom comes at an excellent time as many tech companies are cutting back on their employee base. Working for Google is more than just a normal tech job, though. Google is well known for its unusual work spaces and great benefits for employees. Break rooms are equipped with foosball tables and many employees enjoy free services like laundry and on-site fitness centers. Google is determined to provide creative employees with all of the resources they need to think outside the box and produce unique products that will continue to change the tech world.

Expected Hiring in 2011

In 2007, Google added 6,000 employees to their company headquarters in Mountain View, California. The following year saw a slight drop in the number of employees, from 20,000 to 18,000. A large line of new Google products in 2009 and 2010 has made it necessary for Google to hire thousands of new employees over the past year, bringing their workforce up to 24,000 tech experts. Next year's increase in hiring could increase the number up to and past the 30,000 mark.

Hiring Boom Intended to Boost Innovation

The increase in employees is due to the success Google has seen with some of its newest products. The Android operating system, Chrome browser, and other recent releases have made it necessary for Google to expand in order to continue to provide quality service for all of the product lines. Google is also interested in building on the momentum of the past few years with new ideas and more innovative products. The best way to find fresh ideas is to hire fresh tech experts. Many of the positions that Google expects to fill in the next year have not even been created yet. The tech company has several new projects in the works that will need new teams of creative tech experts to make them become a reality.

Who Google is Looking For

Google wants to solve some of the most difficult challenges in the computer world. The company is canvassing the globe to find people with the talent and creativity to rewrite the rules when it comes to computer science. Successful applicants will be able to problem solve in a creative way, with the passion to follow through on their unique ideas to build a finished product. Tech experts who think outside the box and are excited about sweeping change will feel right at home in the Google offices over the next few years. seeks to help prospective students find the right technology colleges to help them take advantage of the explosion in technology careers.