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Three Features That Make the iPad Worth the Price


The iPad is a new concept to a whole lot of people: it's basically the Apple version of a tablet, which is a more portable version of a laptop computer. Of course, a tablet is not a laptop computer, nor is the iPad: if you really want to understand what makes the iPad different, you'll have to learn about the specifics.

That's why, in this article,we'll explore three such features that might convince you that the iPad is more than a larger version of the iPod Touch: the iPad is a genuinely new and original product that has the capacity to add a lot of value to your life.

1. iWork.

A quick click over to Examiner will tell you about iWork, a really nice feature on the iPad that makes it more of a computer than your iPod Touch or even iPhone could ever be. Being able to work remotely has been within the realm of technology for some time now, but being able to work remotely like you would on a laptop without using a laptop is the innovation here. iWork is a program that allows you to use the office applications suite - such as a word processor and spreadsheet - much like you would do it from your own workstation at the office back home. When you consider that the iPad combines these functions with the more-familiar functions of the iPhone and the iPod Touch, it's apparent why the iPad is such an attractive alternative: it offers a new way to get things done.

Yes, in the past, it's been possible to work from your iPhone, typing up documents or sending e-mails, but the iPad gives you a new flexibility to work from just about anywhere without feeling like you're using a water gun to hunt a buffalo. Instead, iWork provides the feel of a true tablet, and allows you to work the way you should: with a device you can really hold on to. And speaking of size...

2. Size.

Size matters here, because it's difficult to get a whole lot done on a computer that only fits in one hand. That's why the iPad's innovations lie in how it acts more like a home computer than does the ipOd or the iPhone. Many people are hesitant to buy the iPad because of the large size: indeed, it doesn't exactly fold up into your pocket. The iPhone works so well because it can do so many things in such a small size. But there may be hidden advantages to the larger (approximately 9"x7") iPad that you may not have considered.

For example, in the previous feature, we discussed how the larger size allows you to do more work like you're using an actual computer. But there are other possibilities. You can watch movies on your iPhone, but you can enjoy movies on your iPad because of the larger screen size. You can also read books, newspapers, and magazines on your iPad more comfortably. Other features, like photo albums, are also great to pass around between the family and enjoy.

3. Keyboard-readiness.

If you do a lot of writing in your line of work, you'll love the keyboard dock features of the iPad, which essentially turns your iPad into a laptop. The beauty of the iPad, however, lies in its ability to connect and disconnect from this type of setup, giving you even more flexibility than you would typically enjoy with a laptop. If you love to touch real keys, you can do that with the iPad; to stay mobile, all you have to do is occasionally pack away the keyboard for later use.

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