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Factors That Affect Laptop Speed

A System76 laptop displays the Ubuntu Edgy log...

A System76 laptop displays the Ubuntu Edgy login screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People do not always choose their laptops for speed. People who are interested in a word processing platform do not need computers with the latest technology. Gamers need more from their laptop speeds and graphic abilities. Consumers looking for a fast laptop need to consider the following factors. Shoppers should look at the processor speed, the amount of memory a computer has, and its graphics card.

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Five Bad Habits That Will Shorten the Life of Your Laptop

MSI laptop computer

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Laptops have become a very important part of our lives. Without a computer, we would not be able to do our work, students will not be able to do homework, and others will lose access to their social networking. Taking good care of your computer will give many years of use. Prolong the life of your laptop by avoiding the following issues.

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Three Features That Make the iPad Worth the Price


The iPad is a new concept to a whole lot of people: it's basically the Apple version of a tablet, which is a more portable version of a laptop computer. Of course, a tablet is not a laptop computer, nor is the iPad: if you really want to understand what makes the iPad different, you'll have to learn about the specifics.

That's why, in this article,we'll explore three such features that might convince you that the iPad is more than a larger version of the iPod Touch: the iPad is a genuinely new and original product that has the capacity to add a lot of value to your life.