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Is This The End Of Content Farms


According to reports from TechCrunch, some content farms are going to be completely banned from Blekko which is a search tag search engine company, and these farms will also be discarded from the companies search index.

Rich Skrenta who is also Blekko’s Chief Executive Officer did confirm the move based on the rationale of click/spam results from users, and that these sites will be removed from Blekko’s index completely. This will affect, a content farm that is amongst Demand Media most productive websites.

The CEO continued explaining that after listening to his counterpart Danny give a speech at Google, he has decided to alter some reverse slash tags going by the name content farms that will allow search engines to disregard these sites from their searches and today, the company Blekko has made a decision to remove these sites from their index a move that has made the slash tag irrelevant.

Some of the 20 leading websites that Blekko disregarded from the searches index include,,,,,,, active,,,,,, the,,,,, and  

This move is as a result of the search engine behemoth Google announcing that this year 2011 their spam target are going to target content farms. Matt from Google has even announced that part of this move started taking effect as early as last week. However some organizations such as and similar content farms seemed not to have been affected. This shows that these organizations are not classified by Google as content farms, or the algorithm that had been launched was not directly involved with content farms.

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