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HubPages Reaches One Million Hubs and Counting


HubPages Reaches One Million Hubs and Counting

The popular blogging website HubPages, were writers create individual pages on content on a specific topic, has reached a milestone of one million Hubs. Unlike other similar sites that have closed or restricted the kind of content that can be published, HubPages allows practically any topic to be used as a Hub. Other new features of the site include forums and Q&A. A popular aspect of the site for writers, is the ability to monetize their pages with Google AdSense, eBay auctions, Amazon Products and many other forms. The revenue earned (60% of the total) is not kept within HugPages but recorded directly with the vendor.

The site has a very good link structure and draws quite a bit of traffic from search engines. Writers can add all types of media to their Hubs and can link out to their personal sites or to other Hubs. A score is given to each writer to encourage them to create good content and to continue to produce Hubs. And a newer score has been created (HubKarma) which scores the amount of linking an author does directly to other Hubs.

The site receives 39 million visitors a month and scores an Alexa Traffic Rank of 183. Competitors for the service include Associated Content (by Yahoo!), Squidoo and Demand Media, which both offer similar features. So for writers looking to create an online presence/portfolio and earn some additional revenue, HubPages is a nice option.

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