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mark-zuckerberg For Sale on Flippa

If you have seen the Facebook movie ‘The Social Network’ then you know that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s first version of a social site was The site built overnight when his girlfriend left him, featured two side by side photos of Harvard undergrads that you could vote on. You were voting which one was better looking. It took off and crashed the Harvard network within one night of release.

The domain expired sometime in 2007 while Zuckerberg was working on Facebook and purchased by an independent group. Most recently a Facebook app called ULiken, the site is now for sale on the popular website and domain selling service Bids started at $8,000 and have recently reached $15,000. The But It Now price has also jumped with the recent media attention from $35,000 to $125,000.

The auction listing provides pretty decent details about the history of the site and the domain, taken from Wikipedia. This group of entrepreneurs is trying very hard to profit at the height of the popularity of the movie. The value of the site after the movie goes to DVD and on to television is probably greatly diminished from its value today.

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