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eBates Offers Online Cash Back Shopping


eBates Offers Online Cash Back Shopping provides frugal shoppers with a way to purchase items online and get cash back. When you create an account with eBates you are able to search stores that provide up to 8% rebates, and then begin earning within your account. Every quarter you will receive a check from eBates for the outstanding balance, have the balance transferred to Paypal, or donate the account balance to a charity. The company boosts 1,200+ online stores are currently partners.

How can the company provide cash back to online shoppers? The company earns commission, like most other online properties, when a customer clicks through to a shopping website and orders a product. Most online sites keep the money as profit to continue operating. eBates takes the commissions and shares them with its customers. As long as you keep within your original budget and don’t begin to spend more to earn additional rebates, frugal shoppers should save a significant amount of money with eBates every year.

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