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Using EvasiOn To Jailbreak IPhone 5


After a long wait, there is already a released process to jailbreak io6 device, which includes the new iPhone 5. If you are looking for steps on how to jailbreak your iPhone, then the answer is already at hand. This answer is in the form of a tool called the evasiOn. This tool is actually a lot easier to use compared to the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak. Aside from this, it is also faster since it only has a few simple steps. If you have a computer at home, all you have to do is to click a few buttons and tap the iOS phone in order for you to qualify in operating evasiOn.

However, you should be careful with jailbreaking because there are times that things would go wrong. It is not the intention of Apple to have this kind of process. This may eventually end up causing you to restore the device through the DFU mode. So before starting with the jailbreak, it is necessary to have a recent back up of your iOS device. This is necessary in order not to lose any of your important data.

The evasiOn also requires you to disable your passcode if you have any. This is important in order not to cause any issue. This can be done in the phone's Settings and click General before choosing the Passcode lock. Once done, you can already start downloading evasiOn onto your computer. This is available in Mac, Windows, and Linux.

As soon as the program is downloaded, you can already start connecting the device to your computer and choose the jailbreak icon. The phone will automatically light up and will begin some necessary processing. Leave the device plugged in until the next instruction will pop out. Eventually, you will be asked to tap and unlock the jailbreak iPhone 5 button once causing the screen to flash.

After a few seconds, the jailbreak process will end and the device will do a couple of reboots. The entire process will take approximately 10 minutes. If there are any problems, you can always start over with the jailbreak.

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