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Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

In an attempt to become a better steward of the world's ecosystem, Apple will soon offer free recycling of its products. Also, renewable energy sources will soon power its stores, offices and data centers. Recently, Apple debuted a new environmental section on its website, highlighting the company's efforts to become more green and reduce electronic junk in the word's landfills.

Operating 420 stores worldwide and selling over 1 billion tech products over the past 7 years, Apple has changed its practice of giving gift cards in trade for consumers' still-working devices. Now all Apple devices,including the iPhone 5S, will be eligible for free recycling, whether they work or not.

This initiative coincides with Earth Day and helps Apple leverage an image of green friendliness, countering concerns that its products are produced in plants powered by natural gas and coal. Direct-action environmental group Greenpeace states that technology products and services created 2 percent of the world's carbon emissions in 2012.

Cloud computing typically uses more energy than all the nations of the world minus China, Japan, India, Russia and the United States. As the world's largest technology company, Apple is attempting to create more solutions to environmental problems. ISMagazine says the company could make real progress in this direction.