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Android Oreo Improves On Some IOS 11 Ideas


Alphabet announced the release of Android Oreo and with it a laundry list of new features that the operating system brings to the table. Most of these features involve the kernel or memory management functions. While end users might not notice them, it should make Android devices run more smoothly without eating into their battery life.

A lot like IOS

Apple's engineers are often accused of copying Android developers, but Android Oreo is also implementing many design changes that make the operating system interface more like that used by iPhone and iPad owners. For instance, Google's programmers based Oreo's notification scheme on the one used in iOS.

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Tim Cook: CEO Of Apple


According to Apple's CEO, any business should have the same positive values that individuals do. During his time at the helm of this company, he has only lost his temper one time. This incident happened in 2014, during an annual meeting with the corporation's shareholders. One particular representative for a conservative consultancy wanted the CEO to make some certain decisions that would only prove to be profitable for Apple.

Tim Cook retorted that his company doesn't care about the ROI, so much as improving the lives of customers through technology. One example is Apple's creation of accessible devices for the sight-impaired. He said that individual shareholders who only care about the return on investment should stop doing business with Apple.

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Apple’s Backdoor and the Government


Apple doesn’t want to let Big Brother (Government) into your iPhone through a backdoor in the phone security. The Obama administration is trying to force Apple to allow the government to access phones that have security features enabled. Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to appeal a court order to allow the government into the iPhone of a radical Islamist who shot dead a number of co-workers in San Bernardino California earlier this year.

Hardware Innovations

TrackPad ForceTouch and the Apple iMac


Apple has made updates to the iMac including Bluetooth accessories and track pad peripherals. The track pad is an extra for the system that will cost users $129. This brings to the iMac format for the first time the Apple Force Touch technology. The 3D touch is a favorite of iPhone and iPad users.

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Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

In an attempt to become a better steward of the world's ecosystem, Apple will soon offer free recycling of its products. Also, renewable energy sources will soon power its stores, offices and data centers. Recently, Apple debuted a new environmental section on its website, highlighting the company's efforts to become more green and reduce electronic junk in the word's landfills.

Operating 420 stores worldwide and selling over 1 billion tech products over the past 7 years, Apple has changed its practice of giving gift cards in trade for consumers' still-working devices. Now all Apple devices,including the iPhone 5S, will be eligible for free recycling, whether they work or not.

Apple Mac Pro News

Apple iPad

Apple iPad (Photo credits: Best Buy)

Apple will take orders this Thursday for the new Apple Mac Pro personal computer, which is being produced in Texas with domestically made components as part of CEO Tim Cook's $100-million "made in the USA" initiative. 
Cook posted last Wednesday on Twitter that they started manufacturing the Apple Mac Pro in Austin. He added that it's also the most powerful Mac ever.

Apple said that the sleek, cylindrical machine, which runs with Intel's latest Xeon chip, will be available at a starting price of $2,999. While Lenovo and Google are conducting some final assembly in the US of parts made overseas, Cook declared in October that Apple is manufacturing, rather than just putting together, the new Mac Pro's metal parts in the US.

Cook said that the company's difference is that it's taking a bottoms-up approach. They don't just want to assemble the Apple Mac Pro in the US but to make the whole machine there. He also said that Apple's partners are now using production processes and industrial molds that were developed in the US.

Six Must Have Productivity IPad Apps

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Six Must Have Productivity IPad Apps

Getting the right iPad apps is quite straightforward; you simply need to evaluate your needs and then choose something that will satisfy those requirements best. There are thousands of iPad apps available in the market, though if you need to use your iPad for work, you should take advantage of the productivity apps to help you work more efficiently. Here are 6 iPad productivity apps you need to get hold of:

Comparing The IPhone 5 With The IPhone 5c

Apple 16 GB white iPhone

Apple 16 GB white iPhone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comparing The IPhone 5 With The IPhone 5c

In recent years, Apple has been able to improve the performance of every subsequent reincarnation of their iPhone, whilst simultaneously preserving (and occasionally lengthening) the battery life. The newly introduced iPhone 5c keeps up this tradition. FCC documentation has revealed that the iPhone 5c battery capacity is roughly 5% greater than that of the iPhone 5. Although FCC disclosures can be notoriously inaccurate in the reporting of battery capacities, these numbers do appear to be believable. The figures corroborate the statement made by Apple at the keynote earlier in the week, concerning the increase in size of the 5c battery.