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Verizon To Offer Free Live Streaming


Verizon is launching a new phone app called Go90 (title the phone 90 degrees for video) that could provide free streaming to customers of certain shows. The app might also be available to non-customers while being supported by ads. The service is to rival Netflix and Hulu, targeting the younger generation and those that have stopped paying for cable service (cord cutters).

The service is going to offering many prime time and popular show in addition to web –based content from sites such as Tastemade and Vice. The company has been able to get the rights to certain channels which makes everything more affordable. Starting out as a phone app, the company hopes to make it available on televisions in the future also.

Verizon is joining Sling TV, Dish, HBO, Showtime and CBS in offering unique streaming options, although they are the first to offer such a service without a monthly charge.

Verizon's Go90 free mobile video service mixes YouTube with Hulu