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Choosing The Best Ways to Purchase Mario Kart Versions


Super Mario Bros has to be one of the most classic video games in the world. Since it was introduced in the old version of the Nintendo game console, Super Mario never seems to lose its popularity. Even though now we have a plethora of more impressive video games from numerous video game developers, Super Mario Bros and its various versions are still in high demand in the market. Today, it is really glad to know that we are provided with more impressive Mario games. Not only that we can still play the 2D Super Mario games with the same classic background story, the game provider has also introduced Mario Kart with their latest racing versions.

Review of Mario Kart Game Series

Mario Kart is designed as a kart racing game series that displays Mario, Luigi and other familiar figures as the racers. Not only that the game is enriched by various cartoonish race cars and fanciful tracks, the impressive power-ups will enhance your racing experience. All those basic concepts are still nicely implemented in Mario Kart 8, which is the latest version of this racing Mario game series.

The tracks in this kart racing game series have to be one of the most impressive parts of the entire game. As you drive your kart along the curving roads, glide through air or slosh through water, you will certainly experience a fantastic racing game. Not only that you have to race against other racers, you also have to overcome the twisting piano keyboard and an elaborate haunted house. This racing game also offer an utterly amazing visual. I have to say that the graphic of Mario Kart 8 has been greatly improved from the previous versions. This game runs at a solid 60 FPS and you can feast your eyeswiht the incredible lighting and details.

More interestingly, you can enjoy more power-up options in Mario Kart 8. The new power-ups options include a quid that makes other player blind and the deadly red shell that haunts the racer in front of you. Every racer might need to be very careful when passing the piranha plant. Not only this carnivorous plant will bite the dangerous objects, it will also bite the racers that come to close to it. Another impressive power-up is the one with a loud horn that can blast the air around you. Every player should come up with a good strategic use of this power-up, unfortunately, it comes rarely during the race.

The Best Ways to Purchase Mario Kart Versions

If you like to equip your game console with Mario Kart versions, you are provided with various options. One of the easiest ways for you to purchase this excellent race game is through the popular online retailer This has to be one of the largest online stores in the world that offers you almost anything you can think of. You can also purchase Mario Kart 8 from other sources. One thing you should keep in mind, no matter where you make the purchase of this Mario game, it would be best if you read the customer reviews. That way, you can convince yourself that you are buying the game from a trusted place.