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Super Mario Run Available Via App Store Now


Now that Super Mario Run is available on the App Store, your mobile gaming experience is all about moving forward. You can slow down Mario and Luigi if your timing is on point, but you can't stop them from taking down everything in their paths. Of course, this means that Mario leapt right through Nintendo's original plans for release, crashing expectations down in his path.

Mario fans have waited months for Super Mario Run, which was supposed to come out around 10 a.m. Pacific Time today. Available on iPhone and iPad, this platforming app is simple enough for casual gamers to play with just one hand. A $10 price tag makes this game more expensive than most, but likely worth it for the hype. Plus, Nintendo offers an end-of-world castle's three levels as a free trial to anyone who's on the fence.

This game's release is a momentous occasion for Nintendo, who has historically preferred to release games on their own gaming consoles. Just a few months ago, the company's figurehead Shigeru Miyamoto surprised the world in San Francisco at the iPhone 7 event by telling the world that Mario would finally be coming to smartphones, months after Niantic's Pokémon Go became a raving success, unprecedented for smartphone games.

While this game is definitely reminiscent of classic Mario, it's also groundbreaking with its single-handed portrait-mode design. Nintendo of America's president, Reggie Fils-Aimé, speaks more about it here - and be sure to check out our early preview of the game, too.

Super Mario Run - All 24 Levels (FULL Game/Complete Walkthrough)