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Patent Trolls Take A Hard Hit From Recent Court Ruling


Patent trolls were dealt a hard blow recently with a US court ruling that a company can only be sued for unlawful infringement on patent rights in the country where the business resides and is incorporated. For thirty odd years, patent trolls have been making a killing by trolling after enterprises that they deem guilty of the patent infringement sin. They're a special breed of entrepreneurs cum opportunists who thrive on suing alleged errant companies in order to earn hefty rewards.

For patent trolls, the days are gone when they can run after the big fish in the pond. The new challenge that the court just added meant chasing perceived Dirty Harries in their bailiwicks where they have full access to an unlimited legal arsenal. Unless the new law were repealed, patent trolls could soon become a dying breed.

From the point of view of law school experts, another highly likely consequence of the recent US Supreme Court ruling is the legal scenario often referred to as apoplexy at the center and paralysis at the extremes. Patent trolls need not only pursue their court prey in the latter's area of jurisdiction. The trolls are also going to be waiting longer for their cases to be processed. This is because a big majority of businesses are incorporated in states like Delaware, California, and Massachusetts.

So is it bye-bye patent trolls for now? But then again, maybe not. That is if patent trolls can find a reliable avenue to appeal the ruling. Such approach will definitely buy the trolls more time for better strategizing.

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