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BigCommerce eCommerce Platform


If you want to setup an online store and sell products over the Internet, you'll need an ecommerce platform like BigCommerce. The hosting service provides everything that you will need to setup your store and run it. You can design your store simply with a range of templates that are provided or dig in deeper with HTML and CSS customization. Like other hosted solutions, you are dependent on the platform for operation, so make sure you look at all options before making a final conclusion. Other options include Volusion, Jimdo, Squarespace and Shopify.

Long-Term Solution

Companies that currently use BigCommerce include Gibson Guitars, TravelPro and Toyota, so you know they will be around for the foreseeable future. The other option is build your own store on top of a free solution like WordPress. But that requires additional costs, time, and expertise to get everything running and to keep it current.

BigCommerce Plans Available

The Standard package is only $30 a month, while the Plus is $80 and the Pro plan runs $250 a month. The Plus plan comes with additional marketing tools and an abandoned cart tool to recapture sales. All plans come with 10 templates, payment option integration, account creation, SEO options, image optimization, email marketing services, coupon and voucher features, review of product functionality, blogging and reporting. In comparison to other eCommerce options on the market, the standard package is very good for the low introductory price.

The higher priced plans kick in when your sales increase. If you reach $50,000 a year in sales, you need to upgrade to the Plus plan. $150,000 in annual sales and you become a Pro member. At $400,000, you reach the Enterprise stage. With each new plan you get more features and options. And there are no transaction fees.


SEO features include product URLs, short URLs, mobile first design, responsive templates, and Accelerated Mobile Pages.

BigCommerce at one time offered a mobile app for users to shop with. There are some no-standard apps that interact with BigCommerce sites, but unlike their competition, they do not offer this technology.

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