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Blockchain Cell Phone BOB


Over the past few years there has been an increasing concern about how private our data really is. And various scandals and leaks have made a lot of people start thinking of ways to better secure our data. Whenever you post something on social media or put information into a website, you are in most cases giving up control of that data for the platform or website you've given it to to be able to do what they want with it. A lot of the time we know this because we will get a popup requiring us to give permission and accept that our data is being used. But in many cases the tracking of our data is done a lot more discreetly. With the data gathered often sold to marketing and data analytics companies, with none of that profit returned to the user. That is why the Blockchain Cell Phone BOB has been created.

Blockchain Secure Calling

There has also been a shift recently to people doing a large amount of their internet activity on their mobile devices as apposed to personal computers or laptops. So it only makes sense that a blockchain powered cell phone would be developed, ensuring all calls, texts and internet activity are secure.

Function X

This is why FunctionX, part of the PundiX Foundation have developed the Blok On Blok or BOB blockchain smartphone. The phone operates on the FunctionX(FX) blockchain protocol. This allows for calling, texting and browsing without ever having to use a centralized service provider. With such a new operating system some people may be concerned about how they will get their favorite apps and use them to connect with their friends and family who don't have a blockchain phone. But BOB's operating system was built off of the latest Android operating system and allows for a unique dual mode where the user can seamlessly switch between blockchain mode and normal Android mode. This gives the user the comfort of knowing their data is completely secure when they want to use the blockchain mode, but they can also use their favorite apps in the normal Android mode. It should be noted however that even if the person you are talking to in blockchain mode doesn't have a blockchain phone, your data will still be secure as long as you are in blockchain mode.

BOB Phone Design

When you buy a BOB phone, you receive MOD assembly kit. Which contains the motherboard and screen camera and audio parts along with detailed and simple instructions on how to assemble it. But it also comes with a selection of the aesthetic features such as buttons and accessories to give you the ability to have a personalized look and feel to your device. The aesthetic features can also be 3D printed for the more creative people who want to customize their device further.

PundiX's BOB: A Phone To Be Fully Powered By Blockchain

How much does a blockchain cell phone cost?

The first working BOB blockchain phones were released late last year and if you order one now the expected arrival date is April this year. They ship worldwide and the price for one device is around the $600 dollar mark. Which for a customizable and completely secure device is very good value. Especially considering many regular smartphones are selling upwards of $1000. As people's data concerns continue to grow it seems only a matter of time before the BOB phones become a staple device that many people have.