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Edward Snowden Has No Regrets


Edward Snowdon is often referred to as a fugitive. This came about because he leaked information from top secret National Security Agency documents. However, he recently spoke at the annual music, film and interactive conference (SXSW) which took place in Austin. Edward Snowden called for an overhaul of the spy programs in the United States.

Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia and this is where he spoke from. This is the first time that the former NSA officer has spoken to American citizens since he fled with many secret papers. This man is facing numerous charges including felony and espionage, and he has always said that he would never return to the USA until current "whistle-blower" laws were changed.

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The NSA Is Sued By Wikimedia Foundation


A lawsuit filed in Maryland wants the NSA to end a program that it uses to tap into Internet streams and grab sensitive data on those connections. The suit, led by Wikimedia Foundation, filed on Tuesday is the latest against the agency and their unconstitutional spying programs involving US citizens discovered in the leaked documents stolen by government contractor Edward Snowden.