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2 Options When It Comes to Choosing a Storage Solution

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The more a company or organization grows, the more data it is likely to amass. This is a good thing, as it is an indication of progress and the capacity for future growth and development. However, without a custom-tailored way to store data, it can be difficult to keep growing without problems arising.

There are various ways to store vast amounts of data, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. A service provider such as LSI, which specializes in data storage and processing, is likely to have a data storage solution that is right for your organization or company’s needs. But proper research and understanding of storage types and capacities is essential before making a decision.

It might be easy to overlook something like data storage, but if the proper attention and care isn’t paid, your company or organization’s very existence and ability to do business could be threatened. Backing up and storing data in a safe and secure way with a tailor-made storage technology solution is essential to future security and success.

Business First

Save Money with VoIP For Business

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The rapidly increasing availability of high speed internet services has done wonders for the quality and reliability of VoIP. UK businesses are now about to obtain carrier-quality VoIP based business telephone systems without having to worry about a large up-front investment.

Thanks to the wonders of VoIP, UK businesses can now enjoy low cost international calls, and free VoIP-to-VoIP calls, along with conference calling and remote collaboration tools, all in one suite of easy to use business telephone systems.

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The Crash of Elastic Compute Cloud

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In what is likely to cause increased doubts in the viability of cloud-based servers and systems, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) crashed last week. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. Which is to say, computer systems have crashed before. Web servers have gone down and web sites have become inaccessible. Email servers have gone down and customers have been without their electronic mail for extended periods of time as a result. In fact, in the days of network television (as in ONLY network television) broadcasters had their signal go out and the channel would go dark for a period of time. So the idea that a company might suffer an outage and we would lose signal for a time, that is not new.

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SaaS and Cloud

SAAS and Cloud Computing

What is it? 

Cloud computing is the progression of several  technologies that together have vastly altered the landscape of typical medium and large organizational infrastructure, in much a similar way the www (World Wide Web) altered the way we communicate, do business and so many more aspects of day to day life, in so little time yet more than a decade ago. The clouds is essentially built upon the initial technologies and under pinning technologies behind the WWW, and have simply been made accessible publicly, the theory has been put into practice through the amalgamation of converged technologies.