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Dreaming of 70’s Design Spirit

New York Wedding129

Image by srpatterson via Flickr

Neon orange alongside stark green. Bubbly lilac font on dead-pink walls. Overly stretched lines in contrast with playfully curved Letraset prints. Childlike hippie flowers and strict Saul Bass’ title sequences. Those were the “in” designs during my teen years--the happy days of the good ol’ 1970’s.

Loud and glaring and often gaudy, designs that are reminiscent of the 1970s are not completely gone. Buildings, kiosks, subways and other forms of transportation, structures, posters, ads--all these continue to sport a lot of 70’s-inspired design. If there’s anything that appears to be missing, it’s the SPIRIT. The design spirit that was palpable back in the day seems to have disappeared completely.