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McAfee Founder Waits In Guatemala Jail

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McAfee Founder Waits In Guatemala Jail

John McAfee is currently in jail in Guatemala, pending deportation to neighboring Belize, for questioning about a murder investigation. Meanwhile, McAfee has sold his story, tentatively called Running in the Background: The True Story of John McAfee, to Impact Future Media, in Canada.

Impact Future Media stated it may license the story to others, or develop it themselves. Regardless, the company's CEO, Francois Garcia, pointed out that they take the responsibility of telling the McAfee story very seriously, and will share it with the relevant partners in the industry.

The McAfee founder released a statement saying he was grateful to Impact Future Media, and appreciated their dedication and integrity, two qualities sadly lacking today.

Suggestions on Twitter as to who might play the McAfee founder in a forthcoming film of his life, have included Sacha Baron Cohen, Gary Oldman and Billy Bob Thornton, among others.

John McAfee recently falsely posted in his blog that he had been arrested on the border between Mexico and Belize. McAfee's blog is maintained by Cartoon Monkey Studio, and a deal was recently announced between that company and Impact Future Media.

Impact Future Media is well known for their controversial subjects, which have included Flatrock, described as prison life seen from the perspective of the inmates, and High On Tuna. This TV show looks at the life of American cocaine dealer George Jung.

John McAfee is wanted by the police in Belize for questioning in relation to the murder of his neighbor, 52 year old  Gregory Viant Faull. McAfee is in a Guatemala jail, as he entered the country illegally by boat.

The McAfee founder, in a prepared question and answer statement, maintained that he was innocent of the murder and had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, he maintains the Belize government is trying to frame him, as part of some long running campaign against him.

A recent story in Vice magazine suggests that the McAfee founder has routinely taken drugs, specifically bath salts, the term for designer drugs. McAfee has denied taking drugs or alcohol in more than 30 years.

Next Media Animation, based in Taiwan just released a CGI version of McAfee's escape from justice, good news for anyone who cannot wait until the official version is out.




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