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The New Android App For Pandora

Oct 30 2012

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The New Android App For Pandora

Pandora, the leading internet radio on the market today is adding new features for its mobile applications. The company is now including lyrics and information about the artists in their android apps, making the mobile configuration work much more like the full-function Pandora on regular computers.

The new features on internet radio's mobile app is available to both Apple and Android mobile gadgets. The Pandora Android app is expected to be released soon, however, iPhone users can already avail themselves to the beefed up application on Monday. The company has said that a similar app for Microsoft Windows Phone 8 will be released around next year.

The company gains profits from advertising revenue, keeping their service for free. Internet company investors have always been concerned about free online service's ability to earn anything from using mobile advertising, but Pandora seems to disprove any of those worries as a lot of people are very excited to use the new apps.

The site's radio service has now become the biggest in the market and still continues to grow. People subscribed to Pandora have almost doubled from the previous year, making up 75 per cent of radio's 33 billion hours worth of listening.

Listeners can conveniently choose the particular genres that they wish to listen to for free using internet radio. It has become one of the best online tools in helping listeners discover new music every day. The internet radio company has currently 175 million listeners, which subsequently makes Pandora claim a share of 73 per cent of the free online radio market.