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Google Play Games App Allows Recording and Publishing to YouTube Gaming


YouTube Gaming has brought game recording and publishing to the Google Play App on Android. Users are now able to record their favorite game moments and save them to YouTube all from their mobile devices. The goal of Google is to increase the amount of gaming video on YouTube that will also be available to view on the companies recent YouTube Gaming app. the amount of gaming video watched online has dramatically increased and some YouTube gaming channels are watched as much as celebrity channels.

Currently live streaming of game play is not available on YouTube but the company plans to offer that feature some time in the near future.

Learn About The Evolution Of Typefaces The Type Rider Way

Google Android Cake Pops

Google Android Cake Pops (Photo credit: niner bakes)

Learn About The Evolution Of Typefaces The Type Rider Way

If you are in the printing industry, then you should know the answer when your boss asks you about the history of typography. Have you ever heard of Johannes Gutenberg? He was considered the founding father of printing. Do you have any idea about the history of printing, when the first letter press was invented and how it revolutionized printing? You can get information on all these subjects by using an application called Type Rider. This typewriter app comes with a detailed history of how modern printing and the different types of typefaces, like serif, sans serif, script and decorative evolved.

Vine Video Sharing App Now Available On Android

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Vine Video Sharing App Now Available On Android

Vine, a video sharing app that has already won 13 million users on the Apple's App store is now available on Android. Sara Haider, an Android engineer for the company published a post on Vine's blog saying, "We've been looking forward to this day, and we're excited to get the app into your hands." Android users with version 4.0 and higher and 18 MBs of free space will be able to use the app.

Facebook Home For Android

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook Home For Android

With one in three people across the globe connected to Facebook, it represents a huge market that every company is trying to hone in on in order to capitalize upon the popularity.  The Android smartphone OS is one of the most recent comers to this market, launching a Facebook Home app for Google smartphones that has been met with no small amount of criticism. 

The Facebook Home app is a reinvention of the standard layout of the website.  It completely fills up your phone screen, meaning that it is not possible to run concurrent apps at the same time unless you are constantly switching back and forth.  While there are ways to dial back the app on your operating system, it comes pre-loaded, meaning that users will either need to modify it or ignore it completely if it starts aggravating them. 

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The New Android App For Pandora

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The New Android App For Pandora

Pandora, the leading internet radio on the market today is adding new features for its mobile applications. The company is now including lyrics and information about the artists in their android apps, making the mobile configuration work much more like the full-function Pandora on regular computers.

The new features on internet radio's mobile app is available to both Apple and Android mobile gadgets. The Pandora Android app is expected to be released soon, however, iPhone users can already avail themselves to the beefed up application on Monday. The company has said that a similar app for Microsoft Windows Phone 8 will be released around next year.

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Amazon Wants Android Users as Readers

Kindle Android App

Amazon Wants Android Users as Readers

Amazon today released a Kindle App for Android owners to allow them to access the 600,000+ digital content pieces (e-books) available from Amazon, without owning a Kindle. And the new mobile app provides a feature to sync your Kindle with your Android so you do not lose your place in a book when you switch reading devices. Books are available at discount prices compared to hardcover new releases, often times in the $10 range and free chapters are provided while you make a purchase decision.




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