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Score Your Goggle+ Activity With Klout

Nov 23 2011

Image representing Klout as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Users of Google+ can now make their Klout scores rise starting Tuesday. Klout is a company that measures the online influence of users based on their activities in their respective social network site memberships. It has recently added the infant networking site Google+.

Klout allowed its users to add Google+ as one of the social media platforms being calculated to measure their online influence. This was done just a short time after the Google+ was opened for public use. It now has a new system that deals with the scoring model of Google+.

A handful of users immediately saw a significant increase in their scores. Tom Anderson, a co-founder of MySpace, had his score rise to 77 from his previous 64. Erica Joy, an employee of Google TV, had a score increase of 11 points added to her initial score of 62. Tamara Pruesner, a nature photographer, had a score that leapt a huge amount from a mere 11 to an astounding 67.

As told to Mashable, it took a couple of months from the launch of Google+ for Klout to come up with a scoring model that is accurate. They had to pool a sufficient number of registered Google+ users to link their accounts to the social media ranking site. This was according to the marketing manager of  Klout, Megan Berry.

Only public posts are measured by Klout to calculate the online influence of a user. Based on the changes on Tuesday, there will no longer be any decreasing scores. Statistical data provided by Klout shows that among all the users with linked Google+ accounts, 62% are active in the social network site. These individuals will see a marked change in their Klout scores based on their activity in the social network.

There are already 12 social networks integrated in the dashboards of Klout users, with Google+ counted. Other networks are Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn.  Other popular sites such as YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, Tumblr and Instagram have yet to be included. According to Klout CEO, Joe Fernandez, the decision to prioritize the addition of Google+ in its arsenal over the much older and more popular sites stems from the fact that Google+ has conversation starters and signals that sets it apart from the rest of the social network sites.