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Jailbreaking An IO6 Device

Feb 06 2013


Jailbreakin' (Photo credit: Oliver Quinlan)

Jailbreaking An IO6 Device

This article explains how to jailbreak io6 device, including the iPhone 5.

Finally, there is a jailbreak process released for iOS6 and above, making this the first jailbreak iPhone 5.

If you have waiting impatiently to jailbreak your device that runs iOS 6 or above, including your iPhone 5, this is your lucky day. Just today, a revolutionary new tool known as evasiOn was introduced.

This is very easy to use-much easier than the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak I wrote about last year. This one is much quicker and only has a few steps to it. If you are at home with a computer, you can click a few buttons and tap an icon on your iOS phone, you are over qualified to operate evasiOn.

A word of caution: things do go wrong sometimes when jail breaking a phone or tablet. Apple really did not mean for this process to occur. You may end up restoring the device through DFU mode or some other eventuality.

Now that you have been warned, you can start doing the jailbreak process.

Make sure before you get started that you have a recent backup of your iOS device.  You can use either iCloud or iTunes to do so. It is up to you which one to use.  This is a very important step to make sure you do not lose all your important data if something goes wrong during the jailbreak and you have to restore everything.

If you can obtain a passcode for the device, the evasiOn group makes the suggestion to disable the code before you start the jailbreak procedure; this can cause some sort of issues. You can do this by simply going to Settings click on General, then Passcode Lock.

Once you have these two things done, you can download evasiOn onto your computer. You can do this for Linux, Mac, or Windows.

Run this program. OS X users will probably have to go around the Gatekeeper feature in OS X 10.8 by right clicking on the application icon and then selecting "Open."

Connect your device to your computer and click the Jailbreak icon. Your phone will light up, restart, and go through a series of actions while it is processing.  Leave it plugged in and watch for the next instruction to pop up.

A couple of minutes and reboots later, you will be asked to unlock it and tap the Jailbreak button once. Your screen will flash and then evasiOn will continue on.

After a couple of seconds has elapsed, you will see that the jailbreak has finished. Your device will do a couple of reboots. You will see your wallpaper and lock screen and a Cydia icon will appear to show that it worked.

It takes about ten minutes to finish this process on an iPhone 5. You know that you can always start over if you run into any problems. You can always restore your device and try one more time.