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Apple Unveils New Offerings At WWDC

Jun 12 2013
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Apple Unveils New Offerings At WWDC

Apple uses the stage of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC for short, to showcase its latest offerings. This year's lineup includes new computers, a new operating system, and a new lineup of software.

Jailbreaking An IO6 Device

Feb 06 2013

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Jailbreaking An IO6 Device

This article explains how to jailbreak io6 device, including the iPhone 5.

Finally, there is a jailbreak process released for iOS6 and above, making this the first jailbreak iPhone 5.

If you have waiting impatiently to jailbreak your device that runs iOS 6 or above, including your iPhone 5, this is your lucky day. Just today, a revolutionary new tool known as evasiOn was introduced.

This is very easy to use-much easier than the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak I wrote about last year. This one is much quicker and only has a few steps to it. If you are at home with a computer, you can click a few buttons and tap an icon on your iOS phone, you are over qualified to operate evasiOn.

Will Apple's New iCloud Service Lead To A Consumer-ISP Showdown?

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We've been told that "the cloud" is the future of modern computer and data storage, and services such as Apple's iCloud are certainly making a strong case for using the inexpensive resources offered by networked computer systems as a way to securely host personal and business information and applications. Unfortunately, cloud-based services also threaten to expose one of the uglier sides of the Internet service provider industry: bandwidth charges.

As Some iCloud Product Details Are Revealed, Questions Remain

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In a break from typical Apple style, the California-based company has pre-announced some details of its new cloud service, iCloud. Apple plans to reveal product details at its Worldwide Developer Conference. In addition, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, taking a break from his medical leave, will provide details on two existing operating systems, iOS5 and MAC OS x 10.7 or Lion. Cloud-based services are quickly becoming a big part of the world of technology, but Apple has not been strong in this particular area. Industry insiders generally agree that Apple needs to compete effectively with cloud technology in the same way the company does with software and hardware.