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Learn About The Evolution Of Typefaces The Type Rider Way

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Learn About The Evolution Of Typefaces The Type Rider Way

If you are in the printing industry, then you should know the answer when your boss asks you about the history of typography. Have you ever heard of Johannes Gutenberg? He was considered the founding father of printing. Do you have any idea about the history of printing, when the first letter press was invented and how it revolutionized printing? You can get information on all these subjects by using an application called Type Rider. This typewriter app comes with a detailed history of how modern printing and the different types of typefaces, like serif, sans serif, script and decorative evolved.

Type Rider is an Android based application, which you can download on any android based mobile for a small price. Type Rider will take you through the history of typography. It also includes lots of paintings and historical archives that explain in detail the history of fonts. The application provides you with three kinds of controls including buttons and accelerometer. This adventure game creates an atmosphere in which the player has to solve puzzles by riding on the most popular characters and fonts like Helvetica, Comic Sans, Garamond and Times New Roman.

In addition to its Android platform, this typewriter app is also available for the iOS platform. The main character is comprised of two dots that roam from prehistoric cave drawings to modern fonts. Try this addicting game today, and see if you can find out who was the founder of the first printing press. If you have played Mario Bros., then you will surely love this game, which doubles up as a tutorial as well.

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