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The Ultimate Steal Windows 7 and Office 2010

Mar 06 2014

The Microsoft Office Core Applications

The Microsoft Office Core Applications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ultimate Steal Windows 7 and office 2010 is reintroduced by Microsoft.

Microsoft has swapped the former office 2007 and Vista Ultimate package and has updated Microsoft for Office Professional Academic 2010 and Windows 7 Professional.

The home page,which is normally found here,gives the application suite for as little as $49.99 and for sale of the operating system,it goes for $30.P&P is excluded in both cases.This offer is only acceptable for those in academia and is restricted to those who have an email address where Microsoft will send the serial codes after carrying out the purchase.There is nothing to distinguish both packages from their business equivalents apart from the license conditions.The Office Professional Academic 2010 still comes with Word,Excel,Publisher and Access while the Windows 7 Professional for students is powerful as the normal version.

In Windows 7,it will make it possible for the students to upgrade their PC from any licensed version of Windows XP,Vista or Windows 7.

Microsoft is not the cheapest in town.It is also necessary to check the likes of Soft-wares for students which are all  parts of Microsoft Education and therefore,should in theory undercut the owner of the online store.

There is a dispatch period that is usually longer than usual.There is a compact  disk that is normally shipped in a sleeve through the snail mail together with the product key at the back.It is also possible to download the application directly as well.

It is not possible to buy more than two copies of any particular application for all Microsoft educational product. 

From the Microsoft,Ultimate Steal deal is one of the most popular and runs together with its Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student edition.

Despite the latter being less powerful than its Professional Plus version,it offers one the the ability to run on up to three computers using three different users without having any restrictions apart from it can not be used for business purposes.

However,those using software bought under the academic license scheme are able to install the application on both computers to be used by the same user.For example; a laptop and a desktop.