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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cures Ills Of Windows 8; Adds Bells And Whistles


Microsoft's Windows 10, the corporation's latest operating system, launches Wednesday (July 28). Windows 10 corrects Windows 8 problems and adds new features. Windows' 1.5 billion users will find the feel and look of the venerable operating system introduced in 1985 has returned.

Microsoft's has had some problems with updates to the Windows operating system; Windows 8 is probably best known. Windows 8, designed for devices used as both a PC and a tablet, failed to meet the mark. The OS was beset by problems, confused users, and did not enhance users computer experience. A flood of reports of inferior performance by Windows 8---confusing changes, and difficulty of use---meant the majority of Windows users did not upgrade from release 7. Windows 8's failure led to the downfall of Microsoft's CEO being fire. His replacement, Satya Nadella, has admitted the release was flawed.

Google And Other Tech Giants Disclose US Surveillance Requests

Edward Snowden's revelations about the extent of NSA snooping activities led to a strong clamor for greater transparency. The giants of Silicon Valley have had to cooperate with the government whenever there was a request for data but now they are emboldened to push back. They demand clearer guidelines on what can constitutes a legal request. They also want to be able to reveal the exact number of US surveillance requests, their nature, and the scope of their effects on users.

In a landmark deal, the companies and the government agreed on a compromise solution in which the public may be informed of information requests but only under layers of obstruction.
The figures cannot be given in exact form but rather in a range that is narrowed down to the nearest thousands. The kinds of data being asked cannot be revealed. There will also have to be a significant delay between the sending of the requests and the publishing of these quantities. Right now, this stands at six months.

Microsoft Acquires Acompli for Outlook Replacement


For over $200 million, Microsoft has acquired Acompli as a possible replacement for Outlook on mobile devices. The mobile app runs on both iOS and Android and can connect to most email systems including MS Exchange. This is seen by many analysts as Microsoft moving closer to offering all office products in mobile formats. The company recently relocated its OneDrive division to work with the Office mobile and cloud groups. In a statement, Microsoft likes the technology of Acompli, the staff, and the option for the company to expand its mobile applications.

GoDaddy And Microsoft Launch Get Online Today Service

English: Logo for the Microsoft Corporation, u...

English: Logo for the Microsoft Corporation, used until 1987 Deutsch: Historisches Microsoft-Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, GoDaddy and Microsoft announced their intentions to work together on various projects. Now they've revealed their latest collaboration. It's called Get Online Today. From this package, users receive Web hosting, site building services, and e-mail through Office 365 for $1.00 per month through Year One. Subscribers receive a free $50 credit toward Bing Ads, too.

Of course, GoDaddy offers tons of Web hosting and related products including Google Auctions. Each product is priced individually, and creating a custom package isn't always easy. Get Online Today offers users an all-in-one package, though. Without a doubt, both companies are trying to compete with sites like Squarespace and WordPress. More so than that, though, both companies are targeting inexperienced website owners.

Microsoft's New Bitcoin Strategy

The bitcoin logo

The Bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft stole a march over Google recently, having added the world's numero uno crypto-currency, the Bitcoin, in its search engine Bing's Currency Converter. This has far reaching applications as nobody expected the commonly perceived technology laggard and sleeping giant, the Microsoft Corporation, to wake up to the potential of the Bitcoin currency much before more nimble footed technology majors such as Google and Facebook.

The Amazing Bitcoin :
Bitcoin is what is called a crypto-currency, or a digital currency that exists only on the internet. To put it simply, it is nothing but "internet cash". The Bitcoin monetary system is completely decentralized with no governing or controlling authority. It is completely managed by the consensus of millions of user all over the world connected by the internet. 2013 was an incredible year for the Bitcoin, having appreciated by a phenomenal 1500 % against the US dollar. Currently, as of the time of this writing, a single Bitcoin is worth $ 658 USD. Because of such an incredible increase in value, the Bitcoin is attracting tremendous interest from the investment community. In fact, the highly regarded Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Dixon, a partner with Andressen Horowitz, a major VC firm, has stated on record that a single Bitcoin would eventually be worth $ 100,000 USD.

Bing's Currency Converter and the Bitcoin :
Bitcoin is the latest addition to the currencies supported by the popular feature of Bing, its Currency Converter. Over 50 currencies are supported by the Bing Currency Converter so far. However, Bitcoin conversion may only be made against a much smaller number of more popular currencies, including the US Dollar, the Euro, the Indian Rupee and the British Pound. User may type simple commands such as " x Bitcoin to name-of-currency " to get a conversion from Bitcoin to the specified currency. Example, " 120 Bitcoin to USD" or say "12 Euros to Bitcoin".

Ultimate Steal Microsoft Office Versus Office 365

Microsoft Office 2007 Logo

Microsoft Office 2007 Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ultimate Steal Microsoft Office Versus Office 365

Microsoft offered its "Ultimate Steal" for Office 2007/2010. Back then, customers who purchased the bundle with Office 2007 would receive the 2010 version for free upon release. Thousands of Microsoft Office users took advantage of this deal. For now, no such deal exists for Office 2013, but a similar alternative is available.

Steve Ballmer’s Impending Departure From Microsoft Opens Spot For New CEO

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer (Photo credit: jdlasica)

Steve Ballmer’s Impending Departure From Microsoft Opens Spot For New CEO

When Bill Gates stepped down as the Microsoft CEO in 2000, it was Steve Ballmer who took over as the head of the tech giant. He was the obvious choice being the company's president at the time. Now that Ballmer has announced his intention to retire within the next 12 months, speculation is rife about who his successor might be. There are plenty of names floating about but there are no clear favorites as of yet. A selection committee that includes Gates will sift through the candidates and determine his replacement.

Surface Pro Tablet Prices Drop $100!

Aug 06 2013
Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro (Photo credits: Best Buy)

Surface Pro Tablet Prices Drop $100!

Recently, the Microsoft family of surface tablets, the Surface RT and Surface Pro, have been struggling with sales. Microsoft created these two tablets with the intention to challenge the Apple iPad, but recent price drops of $100 to $150 and sale numbers have indicated that the original strategy that Microsoft planned, was not as successful as they were hoping.

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft dropped the price of the Surface RT Tablet which was originally $500 to $350, the Surface Pro tablet prices to $799 from it's original $899, and the 128Gb which is $899, but used to be $999. A Microsoft spokesman stated that the price drops had happened to allow more people to get their hands on the beautiful, crafty, and productive tablet, but everyone is sure that is not the reason.