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GoDaddy And Microsoft Launch Get Online Today Service

Sep 24 2014

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English: Logo for the Microsoft Corporation, used until 1987 Deutsch: Historisches Microsoft-Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, GoDaddy and Microsoft announced their intentions to work together on various projects. Now they've revealed their latest collaboration. It's called Get Online Today. From this package, users receive Web hosting, site building services, and e-mail through Office 365 for $1.00 per month through Year One. Subscribers receive a free $50 credit toward Bing Ads, too.

Of course, GoDaddy offers tons of Web hosting and related products including Google Auctions. Each product is priced individually, and creating a custom package isn't always easy. Get Online Today offers users an all-in-one package, though. Without a doubt, both companies are trying to compete with sites like Squarespace and WordPress. More so than that, though, both companies are targeting inexperienced website owners.

Microsoft and GoDaddy launched their partnership and found a major problem. These days, most small businesses lack an online presence. Business owners often didn't know how to start their own website. Such businesses lose out on a tremendous opportunity. Through this setup, users that are already familiar with Microsoft's products can use them with GoDaddy's added services.

Get Online Today offers the first year at a discounted rate of $1.00 per month. From there, the price rises to $12.00 monthly, which is still a competitive price. Cloud storage isn't included in this package, but business owners can implement such solutions separately through GoDaddy when necessary. Get Online Today opens small businesses up to the world of online hosting services.

GoDaddy isn't trying to compete with other heavyweights in the industry that target professional webmasters. Along with Microsoft, the company is targeting semi-professional users and businesses that need a web presence. The major challenge here amounts to proving to businesses that they need an online presence. If the company can succeed on that front, then Get Online Today will no doubt be a major success.