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Microsoft Acquires Acompli for Outlook Replacement

Dec 02 2014


For over $200 million, Microsoft has acquired Acompli as a possible replacement for Outlook on mobile devices. The mobile app runs on both iOS and Android and can connect to most email systems including MS Exchange. This is seen by many analysts as Microsoft moving closer to offering all office products in mobile formats. The company recently relocated its OneDrive division to work with the Office mobile and cloud groups. In a statement, Microsoft likes the technology of Acompli, the staff, and the option for the company to expand its mobile applications.

Many users have moved away from Outlook recently as there has not been an iOS application. Even the Outlook app lacked many features that they now will be able to offer. The company is looking to be more cross-platform friendly and this acquisition is a step in that direction.

Acompli has notified users that their accounts will remain intact after the ownership change. The application is very popular due to its easy access to files, contacts and integration with calendars. Being able to access Microsoft Exchange has always been a big selling point for its loyal user base.

Microsoft Buys Mobile Email Startup Acompli