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Improved Facebook Search Finds Past Embarrassment

Dec 10 2014


If you have ever posted something on Facebook that you would not want the public to see, a new improved search function of the social network might bring that old post up from your timeline. The changes will be part of the desktop interface and the iOS app rolled out this week. The amount that gets shared is based on your privacy settings, but if you allow the public to see your timeline, then the new search will be better able to find the old stuff that would embarrass you today.

So update your privacy settings right away if you know there’s some old posts out there that you do not want shared. The Limit Old Post setting is the first place in the privacy settings that you will want to adjust. Anything that was shared with the public can be set to only be shared with friends.

Check your activity log if you have been tagged in any friend’s posts. You can adjust the privacy settings for those posts also, limiting who can see them.

The Privacy Checkup is also there to help you review how you have your sharing set. The three step process makes sure your timeline is as secure as you would like it to be.

Facebook Privacy Settings