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Dallas Buyers Club LLC Goes After File Sharing Users


Owners of the Dallas Buyers Club movie rights are going after file sharing users who illegally shared the movie over the Internet. In Australia, courts have ruled that the Dallas Buyers Club LLC group can invoice users of peer-to-peer software that seeded the Dallas Buyers Club movie since it was released in movie theaters in 2013. The company pursued internet providers iiNet, Internode, Adam Internet, Amnet Broadband, Wideband, and Dodo in court to get the names of those that shared the movie for free.

The company already has over 4,700 IP addresses of users that shared the movie online. They now get all the information they need to mail invoices to the owners of those IPs. The Internet Service Providers will more than likely not fight the courts with an appeal. The only point of contention is the amount the movie owners can charge each user whose information that have just obtained.

The Dallas Buyers Club LLC used MaverickEye to collect the IPs over the peer-to-peer network. In addition, the company feels they could run the software tool again over the network and collect an additional number of IPs illegally seeding the movie.

Trailer - Dallas Buyers Club TRAILER 1 (2013) - Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner Movie HD