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Sorry Honey, I Had An Ashley Madison Account


Users of the website Ashley Madison had their account information released to the public today and might be scrambling to save their marriages. The site which promised total privacy in addition to some other things, was hacked recently and now the data from that hack is being made public. The dumped data included government officials and executives from large corporations. The hackers threatened to release all the information they had on 37 million users, and now have released some of the most damaging. The issue raising real concerns about Internet security.

Search the Ashley Madison Hacked Data here or here.

The company Ashley Madison might need to shut down after this data breach as the FBI investigates whether it was an inside job, as many have believed. Some are saying that even though their emails were used to sign-up for accounts, it was not them. I guess the company does not require you to verify your email account when you join. Meanwhile, divorce lawyers are very excited about a possible increase in business.

Cheaters EXPOSED In Ashley Madison Hack!