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Bitly can monitor the click stats and shares on your shortened urls. You’ll know how your links are performing and how they have been shared.

You can use different shorteners depending your feelings about the link. Use for links that you love. Use for links you do not like.

Bundle up your links by yourself or with a group of colleagues. The lists can be private or they can be public. Comments are allowed on the individual links and also on the bundle of links for additional meta data.

Realtime is a feature released by Bitly that shows users what is trending at any time during the day. You can filter the trending results by location, language, social network or topic.

Bitly can be used from a Google Chrome toolbar or an IPhone App. Shorten links and check you stats anywhere.

If you have a Wordpress site, you can include a Bitly plugin that will create a bitmark (shortened URL) for every post that you make. There’s a widget for the sidebar that can show the most popular links from your site.

The Bitly interface includes a bunch for shortcuts that you can use to makes things happen faster.

Bitly Tutorial [How to use to shorten urls and track click through's