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Avoid Speeding Tickets With This Helpful New Waze Feature

Mar 31 2016


The highly popular app Waze has expanded its long list of features with a handy warning for drivers who go just a bit too fast. Starting out in only 20 countries, users of Waze will receive a warning if they start to exceed the speed limit. This could prove to be a life saver.

Once you've exceeded the speed limit, a visual warning will appear on your phone's screen displaying your current speed. Only until you slow down to legal speeds will the warning go away. Users can customize the warning to only display when going a certain amount over the speed limit, and it can be disabled entirely should you choose.

While it will not entirely prevent you from speeding, the crowd-sourced app's new feature is definitely a step in the right direction. However, it's not available everywhere quite yet. It's currently only available in parts of Europe and South America, but Waze has stated that they are still working on incorporating other countries.

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