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The Self-Flying Security Guard

Aug 24 2016


The startup company known as Aptonomy has created a drone that acts as a self-flying security guard. This drone technology has the potential to drastically cut down on the numbers of prison escapes, home invasions, and bank robberies. The company's developers have built on the existing technology that film-makers frequently use. This has been added to the camera-carrying drone that has been dubbed the DJI S-1000+, and it's gotten a new flight-controlling mechanism added to this so-called skeleton drone.

The new security guard also has been equipped with loudspeakers, powerful lights, and a night-vision camera. What also sets this drone apart is the incorporation of artificial intelligence. Its AI navigation system can allow the drone to fly low while avoiding any detected obstacles. Human activity and faces are also automatically detected and recorded.

Operators of this drone can view drone activity remotely through their web browsers, as well as send the drone to a particular location. Drone flights can either be recorded or watched in real time with this new Aptonomy drone model. It can be programmed to fly out to a location automatically when triggered by unusual motion on the ground. When the battery runs low on this self-flying drone, it's also programmed to fly back to the nearest charging station.

The founders of Aptonomy are well-known robotics developers Mihail Pivtoraiko and Siddharth Sanan, both of who have attained doctoral degrees in the field. Some of their past experience has included work for NASA, Intel, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Lockheed Martin.

AI security guard drone flies low, fast and recharges