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Finding The Best Election Coverage Sites

Sep 21 2016


The 2016 Presidential Elections are one of the most watched political events in throughout the world.  Both in the United States and abroad, people are wondering what the polls are saying, who is in the lead, and whether it will be a Trump or Clinton victory this November.  No matter whether you're interested in the economy or foreign relations, this election is sure to change the face of American politics.

Of course, for those who are truly interested in election coverage web sites, finding the best sites is a vital part of staying up to date.  The following is a list of the most comprehensive and interesting sites on the web: is full of far more than just the latest news.  The site arranges massive amounts of data about the elections into easy to digest stories that will keep you reading.  One favorite feature is an interactive map that shows the results of the primary races. is the best site for those who want to see just the facts, no bias involved.  The site is supported by those who visit it, so it isn't bought or paid for by either side.

-NY Times Polls is a feature of the New York Times that provides real-time election poll results.  With daily updates, it gives readers a real time feel for what voters are thinking.

- The Nation is one of the country's most renowned websites for political coverage.  With some of the best reporting and opinions from all sides of the political spectrum, it is sure to become a favorite.

- Real Clear Politics is the Google of election coverage web sites.  It gathers news from a variety of sources (as well as some of their own stories) and provides links to all of the main stream sites and election polls.

-FiveThirtyEight is a news site filled with interactive features, covering everything from professional sports to the elections, with predictions for winners all around.
-Berkley Election Blog is a site that covers the 2016 election through the eyes of the Institute of Governmental Studies.  The academics who write on the site offer a different perspective on many areas of the election.

-CNN, known for its news coverage, has an equally robust politics section.  The size of the site makes it one of the most obvious election coverage web sites around.

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