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How To Deal With WannaCry

Dec 22 2017


Did you hear that the WannaCry cyber attack all came from North Korea?

Last week the U.S. Government officially put the blame on North Korea for the WannaCry cyber attack, the one that used ransomware techniques across the globe and reportedly disrupted more than 200K businesses from over 35 countries in May of 2017.

This was a great win for the United States, with counterterrorism experts in the U.S. government, primarily Homeland Security, putting the ownership of this horrendous globally perpetuated attack squarely into North Korea. Multiple sources across the globe have confirmed with their own findings the same results, and all fingers now point at North Korea.
The attack was so devastating that it crippled many sectors of the global economy, including the UK's National Health Service. Reports from the UK noted that the attack worked to encrypt and render useless many hundreds of thousands of hospital-based computers but also those in schools, businesses and also homes. During this attack, victims received demands for ransom payments, but as it turned out these payments did not unlock their computers. The WannaCry attack was widespread across the globe and and cost billions of dollars in lost revenues and incomes.

In the aftermath of the attack, many global cybersecurity researchers came to the same conclusion.   They found that an exploit stolen from the NSA dotted links to a 2014 attack on Sony, which was widely publicized as something coming from an series of interviews.  

President Trump's administration is currently in the process of fortifying U.S. cyber defenses much more than the previous Obama administration, pushing the security of United States interests higher on the agenda and fortifying leaks that led to the NSA exposing itself recklessly, leading toward a globally catastrophic cyber event. 

The Trump administration is also hard at work fending off North Korean aggression in an effort unparalleled since the Korean conflict of the 1950's.   The end result is a more secure nation and a sense of security in the Asian sector of the globe.   As long as the Trump administration can wave off the unscrupulous attempts of deep-state insiders and embedded foes of conservative values within the United States government, the threats of global cyber security threats might be thwarted with increased vigilance and tighter measures to protect the United States of America.   This comes as one of the great promises made by president Trump to "Make America Great Again" which is the antithesis of outside forces attempting to bring down the successes of the American Story.

North Korea cyberattacks: From WannaCry and beyond