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Nintendo Switch A Favorite In America

Jan 08 2018


When Nintendo Switch came onto the market few imagined that it would become the fastest selling gaming console in the United States. Nintendo sold so many units so quickly that it has surmounted the record set by the previous gaming console. The Nintendo Switch sold more than 4.8 million consoles before the end of the first year. This record beats the sales record, previously held by Wii, by nearly one million units.

Switch enthusiasts are not shocked by the performance record of the console. Games like Breath of the Wild ,The Legend of Zelda have helped rocket the performance of an already popular console. Over half of all Switch owners have purchased the title, exclusive to the Switch console. Other exclusive games that have help bolster sales include "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" and Mario Odyssey. All the titles are owned by 50 percent or more of all Switch owners. This further supports the feeling that these exclusive games have done a lot to drive the popularity and sales of the device.

With such amazing numbers under their belt already, 2018 looks like another stellar year for Nintendo. Projections show that if the sales of the Switch continue at this rate, it will quickly surpass the figure for the sales of all the Wii U consoles ever. This is not so surprising as the Wii U was always a lackluster console in terms of popularity. Switch hopes to keep those units selling and it is certain that they will employ a few new games this year to ensure continued sales.

How Did Nintendo Switch Become The Fastest Selling Console Of All Time?