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Senators Request Bogus Social Media Followers Investigation

Feb 08 2018


Members of the United States Senate are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the company that is, allegedly, creating and selling bogus social media followers. The Senators requesting the investigation demand that the practice of selling fake accounts is deceptive and even fraudulent.

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Jerry Moran believe that the practices of this company have created a consumer harm by fabricating goodwill and credibility that does not exist. Devumi, the company responsible for peddling the fake accounts, use real accounts as templates to add authenticity to false followers. The company is responsible for manufacturing followers, likes, connections, and shares on the various social media platforms.

With the FTC remaining reluctant to open an investigation, Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General of New York, has decided to take action. He is investigating whether or not these fake accounts, or bots, are using the identity of those who have had them stolen. His greatest concern is that the voice of genuine people will be overpowered by paid for rhetoric.

Twitter has made a public statement saying that the use of bots and fake accounts is an unacceptable practice. Many believe that other companies should follow Twitter's lead and denounce these practices. The purchase and use of these accounts, by brands and celebrities, is fraudulent and misleading. This is especially true when it comes to social media celebrities who make money based on the number of followers, shares, or likes. Concerns over this social media misuse have grown stronger after the purported tampering of the election and other political processes.

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