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FaceDate by Facebook Looks To Transform Online Dating

FaceDate by Facebook Looks To Transform Online Dating

May 04 2018

Facebook Introduces Dating Service to Meet non Friends

Tinder now has some competition, as Facebook has announced a new raft of dating services. It will allow people to create a profile for dating on their platform. Only non friends, who have also registered for dating, will be able to see this. Facebook matches people by a range of preferences. Because it holds more information about people than other websites, it should provide more suitable matches. This service will begin later in 2018.

Facebook says that "prospective matches will be advised depending on mutual friends, personal preferences and common interests. They will be able to find like minded people via their Events or Groups". Sites like TechCrunch recommended that Facebook set up a dating service in February.

FaceDate, the new Facebook Dating Feature, Operation

This is how the dating feature, FaceDate, will operate:

Register to a set up a profile using your Christian or Proper name only.

This profile can not be seen by people who have not registered for dating, or your friends, and it will not appear in their Newsfeed.

You will browse Groups that mirror your preferences and local Events. You can opt to 'open' these for dating.

Then, you will be shown the dating profiles of users who have opened that Group or Event.

You can look through the profiles of people that display their photographs and some basic details about them.

You will see people who share your interests and who have the same friends as you.

Assuming that you are both interested, you can begin chatting with each other in an inbox that is separate from WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook Does It Better

So with Facebook entering the dating space in a more concerted effort, other sites like Tender and eHarmony may see a small drop off in user counts. Facebook has the personal data, group data, and event data to know who has similar interests and has setup a system to keep your dating habits separate from your main profile.

Facebook to launch new dating service