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Influencer Marketing Hub Calculator TikTok Review

Influencer Marketing Hub Calculator TikTok Review

Dec 30 2019


What is a TikTok Money Calculator?

So what is a Tik Tok Money Calculator? It is a very helpful tool that helps people understand how much they can earn from doing Tik Toks. It calculates your estimated earnings from your Tik Tok account. It looks at your following and how much views you get and gives you a very good and accurate estimate of what you will earning from that account.

This means if you have a lot of loyal and active followers, you will make a lot of money in this app. A lot of followers leads to a lot of views, and a lot views leads to a lot money coming from all types of sources, for example sponsors. This tik tok calculator is not exact however its estimates are very, I mean very close to the real amount you will earn from Tik tok. It gives you good estimates of your account value.

I put in my very own personal account to test it out because I was skeptical at first. But, when I got my results of my estimate earning and matched it with my actual earning, I was shocked how close it was. I am not messing guys, it just missed out by one digit before the decimal in the estimate. It also tells you your monthly results and gives you a graph to show if your earnings increase or decrease.

What I have noticed also from these beautiful detailed graphs is that if you loose followers or don't have that much of an audience then you get less income from that account. If you have less followers this means you will get less views and less companies will sponsor you and that finally leads to less income. This leads us to our next point.

How do I build my Audience in TikTok?

There are many ways to do this. If you already have a decent following on your previous social media account you can tell your audience to go follow your Tik Tok. This way, if you had a million followers in your previous account (say Instagram), after telling them you have a Tik tok you will have a million on your Tik tok possibly. Increasing your earnings from 0.

However, not too many people have that many followers on any of their social media accounts. No problem guys, I got your back. In Yik tok when you first enter, you will see a page called the "for your page". This is where all of us underrated Tik tok users can get noticed. Ok, so all you have to do from here in order to start gaining and building a decent and active audience is to copy the background music people are using on that page and do something unique with it. After that, put the hashtag "4youpage" then pray that you get picked for it. Don't worry guys, you will make that page more than once because they change it everyday. My last advice is to make sure to post consistently but, don't forget to make those posts eye catching.

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