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Cooking Mama Games on Nintendo Switch

Cooking Mama Games on Nintendo Switch

Feb 26 2020


Cooking Mama: Cookstar for Nintendo Switch is set to be released March 2020, and it is reported to have a unique Instagram-like mode that involves food photography; in addition to this, it is also said that this game will be sold at a price of $39.99. The game has been out of the limelight for quite sometime now after it was delayed as it was supposed to be released on February 2019.

Cooking Mama Gameplay

Cooking Mama has been one of the most popular games in the Nintendo franchise and was known to be one of the best in the cooking simulator genre. This appealed to a lot of people because the gameplay allows players to learn how to cook different dishes from the countries where they originated from, and these are done through mini-games that are part of the entire cooking process. What players enjoy most about learning these recipes is that they are able to experience different actions involved in cooking these dishes in real life; some of these actions are stirring, chopping, peeling, and many more.

Cooking Mama Trailer

The leaked video trailer of this game displayed a new ability that players will be able to experience, which is becoming a food photographer by simulating how Instagram works. In this new feature, the players will be given the power to rotate their final dish, zoom in or out on it, and even adjust the angle of their camera, just to be able to get the best shot of their completed dish. And again, just like on Instagram, players will also be able to choose different stickers and filters to add to their photo to be able to attract more people to their dish.

Cooking Mama: CookStar - Debut Trailer for Nintendo Switch HD

Even though it was not mentioned in the trailer that was leaked, it was also said that Cooking Mama: Cookstar is set to take advantage of blockchain technology, It was also mentioned in a press conference in 2019 that every purchased copy of this game will be assigned a unique ID that will be used to manage an internal wallet system. Although up to this point, no additional details have been mentioned yet about the use of this technology to be able to manage the in-game purchases that Nintendo is planning to integrate with Cooking Mama: Cookstar; most importantly, avid fans are also very curious as to how the blockchain technology will affect the outside investors. Another feature that was not mentioned in the trailer is that this version of Cooking Mama was designed to have a vegetarian mode that will allow players to explore different recipes that do not use real meat in them.

Cooking Mama Review Conclusion

Many critics have already claimed that the Nintendo Switch is actually the very best console to be able to allow the players to experience the maximum level of enjoyment that they can. The integration of the food photography in it will definitely appeal to the foodie side of each and every single one of the players. And even though a lot has not yet been confirmed about this game, most especially about the motion controls involved, this is an exciting game to watch out for especially for the Nintendo Switch fanatics out there.