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Social Media: What You Could Learn from Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza has surely come a long way with its social media efforts.  From almost being a victim and a text book case of things you should NOT do on social media, the company has used social media to reinvent and to rebrand itself and to strengthen its new brand.  Domino’s Pizza has become one of the icons of what you should do for your own media efforts.

Struggling with social media?  Here is what you could learn from Domino’s Pizza:

Small Business Marketing – An Economic Perspective

Unique Selling Proposition

Let’s start discussing your small business marketing plan by taking a look at the definition of marketing itself. Marketing covers more than just advertising, which is a concept many small business owners may not understand. The most important function of marketing, arguably, is to create a unique selling proposition to the buyer, thereby making them less able to consider other options. Marketing is just as much about what you sell, as how you go about selling it.

Watch Your Company Grow with Online Video

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 09:  Canon's Vixia HF S10 ...

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Let’s face it: the average web user’s attention span is pretty short, and Google knows it. For this reason, the importance of diverse content in achieving higher search engine rankings and increased sales cannot be overestimated. In recent years, Google has revised its search engine ranking algorithm several times, each time with an effect on the sales prospects of commercial sites. To take advantage of these changes and provide the best possible chance of success, web designers and business owners must incorporate diverse media types in their overall marketing strategies. Video content is especially important for these websites, since it not only offers the full audiovisual experience for the target audience, but can be viewed on a wide array of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The Future of Print Advertising

print advertising

Though many have predicted a paperless future void of magazines and newspapers, this is certainly not the case.  You can still expect a thick issue of Vogue every September and print is far from dead.  Print advertising will continue to serve advertisers with its prestige and print will continue to thrive.  That said, the print advertising landscape is certainly changing.

Follow Twitter Accounts Without One


Follow Twitter Accounts Without One

If you are located in the US, Twitter is now providing the ability to follow anyone on Twitter through SMS, even if you do not have a Twitter account yourself. The feature is called Fast Follow and was presented on Twitter’s blog with some other SMS tips. It seems pretty simple and straight forward according to the blog’s description. Just send a message to the Twitter shortcode from your phone as “follow [TwitterAccount]”. So if you wanted to Follow Steve Patterson (@srpatterson) then send a message to 40404 like “follow SRPatterson”. You will then begin to receive all their tweats as text messages.