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The Basic Points to Keep in Mind When Advertising Your Website

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Image by George Morris via Flickr

You have built the perfect website and it clearly offers all the services you provide. It is user friendly, has a great look and feel to it, beautiful colors, great pictures, everything anybody could want from it. All that is left to do now is have it advertised. There are an estimated 312 million websites on the web today and this number is forever growing. So how can you make sure yours is different? How do you make sure yours is the one people want to visit?

Yahoo's Holiday Layoffs: One More Restructuring for the Search 'Also-Ran'?

Yahoo Layoffs

What’s the next strategy if you are Silicon Valley’s most infamous, yet most persistent, ‘also-ran’?  Just having moved its paid ads over to Bing, and with early reports that it will layoff roughly 5 percent of its workforce (Merry Christmas!) as early as December 14, it seems that Yahoo! is all set to undergo yet another restructuring.

Reuters reports that, Yahoo “plans to lay off more than 600 employees as early as Tuesday,” December 14. Most of these cuts will reportedly be in Yahoo’s product group. Reuters notes that, “(t)he layoffs come two years into Chief Executive Carol Bartz's tenure, as Yahoo works to grow its revenue amid tough competition from Google Inc and Facebook.”