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Apple TV Scores Big With Live Sports as Messi Powers Subscriptions Surge

Apple TV Scores Big With Live Sports as Messi Powers Subscriptions Surge

The arrival of the Argentine soccer maestro, Lionel Messi, on American shores was one such moment. On the day of Messi's inaugural match with Inter Miami, MLS Season Pass on Apple TV witnessed an unprecedented surge in subscriptions, with over 110,000 fans eagerly signing up. It wasn't just about Messi; it was about the communal experience of sharing in the thrill of the game.


MLS Season Pass on Apple TV demonstrated how live sports should be experienced. For a single, reasonable price, subscribers gained access to all the games, with no frustrating blackouts to spoil the experience. In the world of finance and taxes, there's a saying that goes, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." MLS Season Pass on Apple TV embodies this principle. Just like effective financial planning should be accessible to all, so should the joy of watching your favorite team compete.

One remarkable aspect of this surge in MLS Season Pass subscriptions was the role played by Spanish-language viewership. With Messi in the spotlight, Spanish-speaking fans flocked to #MLSSeasonPass on @AppleTV in droves. In fact, the viewership for Messi's matches exceeded the 50% mark and showed no signs of slowing down.

Roku And Apple TV Let Consumers Ditch The Cable Bill Once And For All

Back of an Apple TV

Back of an Apple TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roku And Apple TV

For decades, most consumers have only had a limited number of entertainment options - you could watch cable or satellite television, or you could watch movies on your VCR or DVD player.  However, with the rapid growth of streaming media options online, consumers have a nearly unlimited opportunity to get the movies and TV shows they want with out the bulky equipment or high prices of the past.